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Read our 5 steps to effective writing.

Learn how to cut the crap

and write so people buy.

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Read our 5 steps

to effective communication

Learn how to cut the crap

and write so people buy.

Download your free ebook

You can have the best brand strategy in the world.

But if your people aren’t expressing it to customers, it’s just a nice idea.

Tone of voice is the secret sauce that connects people with your brand.


When you read your brand strategy, do you feel flat or excited?

what we do

Tone of voice

Are you having trouble translating your brand personality into great writing?

what we do


Do you have poor and inconsistent writing across your business?

what we do

What our clients say

“I’ve really enjoyed our project – definitely one of the most interesting and rewarding things I’ve done in my marketing career! I think you’ve done a fantastic job for us and the proof of that is all the smiling and nodding I get when I present the work to colleagues.”

David Spencer, Twinings

“Ben worked with our entire organisation and totally got our personality through interviews and workshops – which he facilitated wonderfully. As well as getting the output he needed, our staff found them one of the best team-building activities ever. Thank you, Ben, for everything!”

DR Penny Woods, CEO, British Lung Foundation

“In a world of mediocre, corporate flannel Ben breezes through with a refreshing air of humanity. His ability to see what needs to be said without trying to sound clever leads to writing that gets read.”

Tony Temple, Creative Director, Sophos