About us

Hi – I’m Ben Afia

Since 2001, I’ve pioneered companies being more human.

Brand strategy and change – it all comes from language. If you change the language, you change a businesses’ culture

I lead all of our consulting, coaching and workshopping.

And I’m backed up by associates, most with decades of experience:

  • brand and language strategists
  • change consultants
  • trainers, coaches and writers.

I’m based in the UK, but work all over the place – most recently in India and the US. My recent speaking gigs include Cannes, Denver, London, Atlanta and Berlin.

“I was impressed. You asked really good questions and it felt like a partnership. You were genuinely curious about our challenge, and that meant I trusted you. You built a long-term relationship from the start. And that was a breath of fresh air.”
Carole Stewart, Head of PeopleDev, Google

A brand strategist, coach and international speaker – how did I end up here?

I was one of the world’s first people helping companies manage their brand and tone, starting in 2001 at Boots, when managing language was just becoming a thing. I created a new tone and went on to help people across the business to get better results from agencies and freelancers

In 2004, with a first baby on the way and a week from exchanging contracts on a new house, Boots made me redundant. Which seemed like the perfect moment to set up Afia.

Somehow it worked out. And I’ve since helped Norwich Union become Aviva, Powergen turn into E.ON and given Google the language to help its advertisers and agencies develop digital marketing skills.

I’ve also helped Twinings to harmonise their packaging around the world, Vodafone build better relationships with their customers, and AirBP to get in touch with their heartbeat. That work was so effective they were still using my words 5 years later.

I was a catalyst and director behind the launch writers’ collective 26. And my claim to fame is helping Ronseal work out what to say on the tin.

With a few of our associates…

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