In Hollywood, where stories have to be big, the writer who creates the most unforgettable characters is king (or queen). That’s why the canniest screenwriters look to myths for inspiration, because they’re built round characters that have stayed compelling for centuries.

Eight character types

Script doctor Christopher Vogler talks about the eight basic types of character that help or hinder mythic heroes, and then worked out how to bring them to life on the big screen.

Your brand personality

These eight character types can also help you think about your brand’s personality. That’s because everyone your brand meets is travelling through a life story of their own. Thinking about how your brand can help them on their way will make sure you pin down exactly how best to relate to them.

Great inspiration

And it’s not a dry or abstract process. Using Hollywood characters means you’ve got some wonderful inspiration to draw on.

Read our paper

So dig out your favourite DVDs, reach for the popcorn, and get stuck into the paper on how Hollywood can give your brand great personality.

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