Brand strategy

When you read your brand strategy, do you feel flat or excited?

A great brand strategy should send a tingle down your spine. When people read it, they’ll recognise their organisation and feel excited about its future. When you write with energy, reality and humanity, people feel more motivated. But it’s not just about the writing. It’s about reaching something that’s true. Something worth talking about.

Finding your heartbeat

We get to this by understanding what your company is like at its best, what gives it life. We gather stories, unearth themes and spot the patterns. You could think of it as your organisation’s heartbeat. What we give you will feel fresh and real.



  • A brand story people believe in
  • A more effective selling story
  • Stronger emotional engagement

We’ve done brand workshops before, but we got so much more out of this one. You helped us all air our views and then agree on our personality. You made sure we were all part of a rich, productive conversation, rather than telling us what to think. And the fact that Afia are not the biggest agency was a real strength – you were much more personal.

James Smith

Marketing Director, Ronseal

Tone of voice

Are you having trouble translating your brand into really good, consistent writing?

Do you have a really strong brand personality, but aren’t sure how to make it sing? Tone of voice (or brand tone, verbal identity) is about crunching your personality into practical writing techniques the whole organisation can use.

Guidelines people actually use

We do it through the eyes of trainers. There’s nothing like the cold terror of explaining to a room of sceptical staff, to keep you focused on what works.

So forget fancy, high-falutin concepts. You need hard, specific techniques that help non-writers know what to do, and to feel like doing it.



  • Confidence in knowing what’s on-brand
  • More consistent messaging across the business
  • Marketers working more efficiently together
  • Better briefs and copywriting for your agencies
  • More work right first time

Afia’s work was critical in finding new ways to express what our brand is all about. It gave us a breakthrough in getting buy-in from our chief executive and board. And using Afia’s training, we found a way of really starting to get the new brand to stick in our organisation.

Helen Merrick

Director of Brand Strategy, E.ON UK

Behaviour change

Are you struggling to get your tone of voice to stick throughout the business? Are you worried about the impact of inconsistent writing on your customers?

Pretty much everyone writes, even if it’s just texts or emails. So, if you change what people write, you can change your culture. And compared to the average rebrand, it’s cheap. Once you’ve pinned down your tone and trained the right people, you can do it the rest internally.

Making brand stick

Since 2001, we’ve been trying and testing techniques that get change to stick.

Everything from developing champions to reach 16,000 contact centre people, to global tone toolkits and e-learning.



  • A more human business
  • Happier customers
  • More problems solved on first contact
  • Fewer complaints
  • Happier staff

What’s different is Afia have the ability to translate tone of voice into a practical programme we could implement cost effectively. Their consultancy, guidelines and training are especially good. They understand how organisations work, how politics get in the way. And they worked collaboratively to shape a language programme including masterclasses and measurement.

Sue Convery

Head of Customer Communication, Legal & General

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