Celebrate what’s right with the world

How about a little joy?

I’ve loved taking photos since I was a teenager. Especially street photography. But I’ve always felt like my photos weren’t quite edgy enough. Like they need more grit or drama.

But then I watched a TEDx recommended by my Appreciative Inquiry mentor, Mette Jacobsgaard.

Appreciative Inquiry is the approach organisational change that works, because it starts by looking for what people are like at their best. And Dewitt sums up the perspective well when he talks about what National Geographic asked him to do – to celebrate what’s right with the world.

If you’re not feeling full of joy, these 18 minutes will make you feel differently about life. If you’re intrigued you can read about Appreciative Inquiry here.

And maybe it’s time for me to forget about grit and photograph what I’m more naturally drawn to – what’s right with the world. Change the lens, change the view.

One last thing…if you’re a member of the Institute of Internal Communications then in this quarter’s The Voice you can read me talking about how Appreciative Inquiry can help you find your voice.