A couple of years ago a client was deciding if we were the right fit for his business and said:

"I want to know what I might be in for before I commit. What does the journey look like?"

We worried he'd find the scope overwhelming, but in fact he was reassured. Every organisation is different - and most clients pick and choose just what they need from this menu.

The big picture

Success comes in four stages, whether you're looking at just one area or the whole business:

1 Review and engage - Understand the impact of your communication to see what needs to change. Get the right stakeholders on board and define KPIs. Recruit champions and understand what you're like at your very best.

2 Develop and test - Define your brand and behaviours. Create a tone of voice that reflects these. And test with your people and customers.

3 Plan and prepare - Work out who you need to reach. Develop communications. And plan training in the new behaviours.

4 Change behaviour - Train your people. Review internal processes. Rewrite anything you want to change. Review results against KPIs.

1 Review and engage

  • Unearth your heartbeat - find what you're like at your best
  • Engage stakeholders around the business – kick-start the change
  • Recruit internal champions
  • Understand what your communication is
    saying about you
  • Know where comms pain points are
  • Define what success looks like
  • Develop measures of success
  • Understand the value of change

2 Develop and test


  • Clearly define your vision, mission and brand
  • Flesh out your behaviours and key messages
  • Create a tone of voice that reflects your brand
  • Set out guidelines that support the whole business
  • Create examples of what good looks like
  • Research and test to make sure the new approach will be effective

3 Plan and prepare

  • Plan how you’ll change your culture
  • Map your audiences
  • Design communications to support the roll-out
  • Develop training to embed the new behaviours
  • Train your trainers
  • Adapt your KPIs ready for launch

4 Change behaviour

  • Train your champions
  • Train other teams
  • Launch comms plan
  • Coach teams to rewrite comms
  • Coach teams in spoken tone
  • Measure impact
  • Communicate progress

Measurable results

Happy people


  • ENPS
  • engagement
  • internal KPIs
  • productivity


  • confusion
  • inefficiency


  • confidence
  • energy and enthusiasm

Strong brand


  • brand awareness
  • brand consideration
  • customer lifetime value
  • loyalty and retention


  • cost per acquisition
  • churn


  • clearer positioning
  • stronger brand

Better response


  • open rates
  • response rates
  • click-through
  • customer experience


  • cost per lead
  • cost per sale


  • clearer strategy
  • clearer comms
  • stronger sales messages

Happy customers


  • CSAT
  • NPS
  • first contact resolution
  • operational capacity


  • cost/income ratio
  • cost to serve
  • contact time
  • complaint rate
  • escalation rate
  • repeat call rate
  • operational cost