Could you change everything about your business in just 5 days? Join me.

Speaking at a conference in Barcelona 10 years ago, I came across Appreciative Inquiry – an approach to change that starts by recognising what’s already working and builds on strengths.

Eventually I took a week of training that immersed me in it and those 5 days literally changed my life. Not in one of those ‘I seeeee the light’ moments but in practical, positive ways. And I’ve seen the extraordinary impact it’s had with my clients when they’re trying to make changes. You can read more about it on my website.

It’s made such an impact that I want to do the training again, to deepen my understanding. So I’ve convinced one of the world’s leading Appreciative Inquiry experts, Mette Jacobsgaard, to come to Nottingham in January and run a week-long course.

What do you think about giving yourself 5 days to change your business? Fancy joining me?

There’s only a handful of spaces and it’s a flipping bargain at just under £1500. That’ll cover all materials; lunch every day and all your tea/coffee breaks. If you want to join me for a week in Nottingham that’ll change how you see the world you can read more about it here and book:

And if you think it sounds interesting but you need to know more, just ring me on 07909 221130 and we can chat about the difference it’s made to me and my clients.