You'll get more satisfied customers by focusing on moments

Has anyone ever seen the value in your work when you weren’t aware of it?  I was chatting with an old friend and comms director, Michael Croton, a while back about how we work at Afia.

Moments not theory

At Afia we look at every kind of communication an organisation creates. Michael pointed out that what’s different is how we focus in on practical moments, rather than abstract theory. It could be the moment a customer picks up a pack from the shelf and reads it. Or the moment someone in customer service responds to an irate customer on web chat. Or any of the tens of moments in between that shape a customer’s experience of you.

How to guide those moments

How did this focus emerge? Managing writing at Boots many years ago, I wanted a tool to steer me when I was writing and editing and making decisions about the right tone of voice. And I created tone of voice guidelines to help me and my colleagues make good decisions and do the right things in every moment.

Great customer experience

This has shaped how I help my clients ever since. If you’re a large company, you have hundreds, if not thousands of people representing you to your customers every day. These guys sit everywhere from marketing, to legal to customer service. And if you can help colleagues make good decisions about the brand and their customer, in the moment, your customers’ experience can be so much better.

Tone of voice in the moment

That’s why brand tone of voice guidelines can be so powerful for improving your customer satisfaction. Straightforward guidance with the right level of detail, helps people make good, brand-based decisions at critical moments.

With guidelines, you have a framework to train and coach people, right down to individual words and phrases. And to help them understand the impact these have on how their customer feels.

If you’d like to know more about how moments and great guidelines can make your customers happier, drop me a line at or on 07909 221130.