How some brands got it right during lockdown

You could say some brands got it wrong and some got it right during lockdown.

But what it boils down to is some had empathy and some didn’t.

Some brands were able to tune into how their customers were feeling and communicate on a more human level.


I can’t speak for all brands but as I’ve been working with Aldermore Bank for the last year or so I know exactly what they did.

  • They made empathy central to their business.
  • They put asking and listening at the heart of their customer experience.
  • They made their written communications clear and caring.
  • They rebuilt their customer journey to help people feel looked after.
  • They trained their teams in empathy and writing skills so their comms reflect the caring that’s throughout the business.

And that’s why they’ve ended up on this list of brands getting it right during lockdown.

Which brands do you think have shown real empathy?