Love building relationships? Love managing projects? We need you.

It’s been a busy year for us. We’re helping companies like Vodafone, Aviva and Talk Talk sound more human. Through writing, training and consultancy, we make work less like work and more like life. We help people think in a new way.

And now we’re looking for someone new to join our growing team.

We’re after someone with a certain set of skills. You’ll be a super-efficient prioritiser, planner and doer. Lucid, lively and likeable, you’ll get brand and have a thing for language. And you’ll like persuading and convincing people.

You’ll have experience working as an account manager, client manager or project manager. And you’ll be happy working from home (but be able to be in London in an hour or so).

Fancy helping us shape our future? Then drop our head honcho, Ben, a line with your CV, an idea of what you’d like to earn, and we’ll send you more details.

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