That was in 2002, when Ben first developed Boots’ tone of voice as their tone of voice manager. He knew that to make it stick, he’d have to really get people bought into the whole idea, from the board down.

Starting from the brand strategy, he wrote solid guidelines to make the new tone clear. Then worked with internal comms and Boots’ many agencies to decide how best to get the message out to the 3000 people in head office. He also scoured the land for the best copywriters and set up a roster that covered all of Boots’ communications.

One of the critical things was getting buy-in from the right people – legal, pharmacy and medical. So everyone understood it and was on-side by the time it started appearing in Boots’ many types of communications.

And it worked. Ben used tone of voice to help relaunch brands like No7, 17 and Botanics. And across Boots communications, from the annual review to the Christmas gift guide.

And it really came to life at the concept store in Holborn, where a good part of the store’s increase in sales came down to meticulously writing the new point of sale and signage.