Copy shop

We try not to write cheesy copy – but cheese copy we can do. And it’s what we did do when Morrisons asked us to write provenance stories for the labels of 250 of their deli products. With only weeks to go before the launch of their Market Street campaign, they needed them fast.

Morrisons realised they had a great opportunity to tell customers more about their fresh produce range – particularly as they have such close relationships with their suppliers and so much of their produce comes from the UK.

We moved fast

First we created a template that would work for all 250 products. Then we divided the products between eight writers, making sure that everyone understood the brief. Once the writing began, our peer review system meant that everyone learned from each other. And there was consistency throughout the copy, alongside the natural style and creativity of individual writers. Our online system made sure that everything went smoothly, and Morrisons could check progress instantly.

Job done

‘Afia achieved the volume of work within deadline – thanks to their talented writers’ said Morrisons’ Joe Ledger. ‘It’s something we believe many advertising agencies would struggle to do. And the enthusiastic, entertaining and effective copy they crafted has given each of our 250 products a unique and compelling story.’

Morrisons were so impressed that they trusted us with another part of their strategy: the new Cookshop section. Which meant over 300 pieces of kitchen equipment packaging copy to write – and another tight deadline to meet…