Tone of voice and copywriting

Wilkinson have been ‘the home of family value’ since 1930. Things have changed quite a bit since then. But one thing that hasn’t changed after all these years is that Wilkinson is still a family brand. One that now has stores all over the country. They wanted to make sure this sense of family came across to their customers in their writing.

So we helped them develop a tone of voice that reflected their family values. A tone to show the Wilkinson brand was down-to-earth, trustworthy, friendly and fair.

Creating this brand tone was just the start. Over the next few years we went to work rewriting copy for hundreds of different products across many lines – pet care, beauty and kitchenware, to name a few.

Puppy love

So how do you write copy for 250 packs of tripe sticks, puppy shampoo, flea spray and bird grit? With three writers, one editor and a project manager who never realised you could get eucalyptus conditioner for dogs. That’s how.

We’d only just finished off their health and beauty products when Wilkinson asked us to write the pack copy for their pet care range. From man to man’s best friend. It seemed like a natural progression.

Bringing the tone of voice to life

Our job was to bring the new tone of voice to life across their whole range of pet care items. The new tone helped us turn dry and functional pack copy into something that made people smile and pick up products off the shelf for a closer look. Our aim was to get across the right information with a dose of friendliness and even humour – not always easy when you’re trying to emphasis the benefits of insect meal suet.

Getting stuff done – fast

Writing lots of small pieces of copy and turning things round quickly takes some real planning. You have to get a process in place and keep it well oiled. We assembled a tried and trusted team of writers and an editor to review all the work. It was the only way to make sure the tone was consistent across all the packs.

Our way of working on big copy-heavy projects has helped us tackle these kinds of jobs head on. Wilkinson trusts us to take entire product categories and turn them around quickly and smoothly. After pet care, we worked our way through kitchenware and home furnishings, and even took a detour through stationery. Then there were the visual merchandising guidelines we wrote to help Wilkinson bring their brand to life in their store displays.

What next, we wonder?