We’ve run hundreds of workshops showing thousands of people how to write well for their organisations. And, as you might imagine, we’ve come up against resistance here and there to changing to a new tone of voice. So we’d like to share the most common reasons people give for not changing their writing, what lies behind them, and how to overcome them. After all, when you’ve invested your company’s time, best minds and precious cash in creating a good brand tone of voice, you want to see it take hold.

We’re looking at:

  • Reasons people give for not wanting to use their company’s new tone
  • What’s really behind those reasons
  • How to get past objections, and make sure things change for the best

Six reasons people resist, and how to get over them

Here are our warning signals that will show you which people are struggling with the change. Look out for these in training so that you can spot the ones with problems, help them over their objections and make sure it all rolls out smoothly.

1. This is just dumbing down

What’s this really about?

This is the big one. So handle carefully.

Some people are used to being the cleverest in the office – the best writers, the ones others go to for advice about long words and where to put an apostrophe.


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