There’s nothing better than sitting down face to face with a new customer, having a good old chat about what it takes to change the way people write and talk in an organisation.

 It feels human, connected. It’s the way we love to share information.

But it’s not always possible and so we’ve been scratching our heads, trying to come up with ways to spread our knowledge in the most human way possible.

We decided if we couldn’t be face to face then the next best thing was for you to look at our face (or more precisely Ben, our founder’s, face). A few months ago he sat down and had a chat with Head Trash guru Lex Leachman and this short film on tone of voice is the result.

Ben’s talking about:

  • Our story – how Afia came to life
  • What tone of voice really is
  • Why you need tone of voice
  • How tone of voice helps you be more yourself at work