We spend a lot of time telling people to be clear about their message, ditch the jargon and talk like humans. And this month we’re taking a dose of our own medicine by getting back to basics on tone of voice. If you’ve read our articles but are still wondering whether you need a brand tone of voice, then read on.

You’ll read about:

  • Tone of what? Voice and tone? Brand tone? Explain…
  • Ten scenarios where you might need a brand tone of voice
  • What tone of voice involves

We help companies to be more human. And we do this through developing brand tone of voice and bringing it to life across businesses. The problem is that, although most people have heard of tone of voice, many don’t know what this means in reality.

Tone of what? Voice and tone? Brand tone? Explain…

When we ask our clients abuot tone of voice they generally say that once you have it, you realise you need it and it’s brilliant. But not everyone knows what it is and how much of a difference it can make to their organisation. So let’s start with the basics. What exactly is brand tone of voice?

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