From New Delhi and Berlin to… Nottingham

Customer satisfaction at all time high, Indian webchat teams

Last year I created a new empathy and writing programme for Vodafone’s Indian webchat teams. We spent a lot of time on:

  • understanding customers
  • practising emotional intelligence
  • adapting to cultural differences.

Vodafone have just finished rolling the programme out to 1,000 people and their Net Promoter Scores are at the highest they’ve ever been. Well done to the talented training team in India.

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What’s artificial intelligence got to do with tone of voice, in Berlin?

I’ve been wondering how long it’ll take artificial intelligence (AI) to automate my job. So I’ve been getting to know a company building AI to help people write on brand. Acrolinx’s software helps people practise new writing skills by nudging and coaching as they write. It’s exciting stuff, and Acrolinx asked me to speak about the power of tone of voice at their conference in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, Content Connections 2018. Thank you Acrolinx for having me along, it was a lot of fun… even the karaoke.

Nottingham Business School launch copywriting training

This week I briefed a bunch of masters students from Nottingham Business School. They’re starting a fascinating brand and language market review. It comes off the back of a copywriting workshop I ran for the school a few weeks ago. The MSc Marketing teaches strategy, but early marketing roles often involve a lot of writing. So our aim was to give them confidence in copywriting before they launch into their careers. I was strangely nervous about delivering the day – I’m used to being heckled by people in business, not Millennials.

A nice review

“An enjoyable, beautifully concise, forensic examination of how to pare brand language down to the essential bones. Love it. ” Will Awdry, Creative Director, Big Fish.

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