How to help people improve their tone of voice

Why is it that some people can give a great talk, but their emails send us to sleep?

In our training workshops we’ve come across some great writers. Some people have a natural turn of phrase when they write as well as when they speak.

But others feel the need to use longer words and convoluted phrases to make sure everyone knows they’re in ‘Business’ mode, with a capital B.

The weirdest are the people who can talk to you clearly, but magically transform their words into corporate claptrap dusted with a layer of jargon when they write.

So what happens between their minds and their hands? And what can we do about it?

This month we look at ways to get writing and speaking into the same tone of voice.

  • Starting at the top – bosses are influential so if they use jargon, everyone else will too.
  • Getting out of the habit – one of the ways humans learn is by copying what’s already there.
  • Speaking first and writing later – when we say it out loud first, it’s easier to write it down simply.

Our article is about the reasons people speak and talk differently at work. And how to help them break down the barriers so they sound less corporate and more human.

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