How to help your people improve their tone of voice

In this paper we take a close look at:

– the reasons people change their tone of voice from speaking to writing
– convincing them it’s fine to sound like humans when they write
– ways you can help make this happen

The great divide

We’ve all seen it happen. We hear people explaining their plans in a way that inspires the whole room. They’re clear, they’re interesting and they throw in a few jokes at just the right moment or have us holding our breath when they’re talking about something serious.

We’re really looking forward to reading their work. Then it turns up and it’s so dull we fall asleep before we’ve got past the summary.

What’s happened? How can some people use words so well out loud, then disappear into an impenetrable jungle of verbiage when they put it down on paper?

A different language

No writer ever set out to sound boring, pompous and incomprehensible, so why do so many people do it?

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