Vision, mission and values – where’s your truth?

Like everyone else, I’ve had to change things in my business in the last year.
That’s partly my choice – I want to focus on where I can make the most change. Starting at the top with language strategy.

But the work I’ve been asked to do has changed too.

A lot of clients have been asking for help with their purpose, vision and values. For some, it’s new work. For others, it’s taking what we’ve already done further.

It’s easy to dismiss these three things as just words that organisations fling about. But if they are true and work well then they underpin everything you do.

  • Purpose – why you exist
  • Vision – where you’re going
  • Values – what you believe in/how you behave

In the last few years, lots of companies have become purpose-led. They promote their purpose, vision and values rather than, say, their products or service.

Which works, if it’s real.

But what we’ve seen is lots of companies where these statements are just words. Plucked out of thin air and not based on how they actually treat customers or behave.

And now I see a shift. Fake purpose won’t cut it anymore in the new post-pandemic world. 

We have to:

  • Find new, real ways to connect with customers
  • Create teams that are engaged and love working for us, even in a remote way
  • Understand our customers in the new world
  • Really know what we stand for
  • Create growth in uncertain times

The only way to do that is by tapping into what is real. We have to be willing to go deeper and explore, even when it’s uncomfortable. That’s where we grow.

That’s why I’m slightly evangelical about Appreciative Inquiry, an approach to change that starts by recognising what’s already working. It’s transformative. Check out the article I’ve just updated if you’d like to learn about it.

And if you want to know more, grab a time with me, I’d love to tell you about it –