Tone of voice isn’t a set of guidelines. At least, one that really works doesn’t stop there. It’s a way of behaving that brings your brand to life. It’s something people do. And if they’re not doing it, it’s not working. Guidelines are the starting point for your tone of voice. But then you need to encourage and help people to use that tone. You need everyone around the business to get it and make it part of how they work every day.

And to make this change happen, you need to inspire people.

What tone of voice is

We think tone of voice has four steps:

  1. Discovering your personality and tone
  2. Writing inviting guidelines
  3. Writing in the new tone
  4. Changing behaviour

1. How to discover your personality and tone

Tone of voice isn’t just about words. Your tone reflects the service you give customers, your culture, your attitudes, your reason for being.

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