What’s your language revealing about you?

Maria Franzoni, Speaker Bureau Director, invited me onto her Speaking Business podcast to chat all things language.

What did we talk about?

  • What’s tone of voice
  • Not getting hung up on definitions of what tone of voice is and isn’t
  • How I help businesses with tone of voice and I share a few examples
  • The power of language for change (and why you should think about it first when you’re thinking about any kind of change in your business)
  • Why tone of voice matters so much
  • The upside-down pyramid  
  • afiatone and how it helps you think more clearly
  • What companies should think about right now, authenticity, realness and the language you use
  • Using language to diagnose what’s going wrong in your organisation
  • Giving advice to my younger self (tricky to answer, what advice would you give your younger self?)

Have a listen, subscribe to Maria’s podcast and leave a comment to let me know what you think

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