Make your business more human with language strategy

We've spent 20 years partnering the world's leading businesses to:

Build strong brands

Give the whole organisation clear direction through brand strategy, values, behaviours, personality and tone of voice.

Improve communication results

We help our clients see whether their communications match their behaviour. And then transform them to improve response, increase sales and reduce complaints.

Win happy customers

By making their customer experience more human, our clients fulfill their marketing promises. That makes customers happier, more loyal and more likely to recommend.

Make colleagues more engaged and productive

We help our clients identify and amplify what they're like at their best. And then engage and train their whole organisation to make those behaviours the norm.


Language strategy donut Ben Afia

Why we're different

Afia are different. We create deep change with our language work. We start at the heart of your business and work our way out - we don’t start and end with the marketing. We're not just here for the shiny stuff.

We start with understanding how you use language. Does it fit with your audience, sector and culture? And does it communicate who you truly are? If it does, we’ll work with it. If it doesn’t, we’ll work with you to change it.

We’ll identify where language is working for you already – this often unlocks quick ways to change problem areas and identifies who we need to influence and support.

Then we’ll create a comprehensive language transformation programme. It'll be based on 20 years experience, but tailor made for you, using a combination of coaching, workshops, writing and faciliation. This isn’t a one-day thing, we structure our costs so we can work with you for an extended period, till it really sticks.

And if in the process we uncover a stack of stuff that just needs re-writing (often the way), we have a team of copywriting masters who can get through it quickly.

Our clients get suprising results – happier people, happier customers, improved brand and operational KPI’s and reduced costs.

Our story

Ben Afia was one of the first people in the world employed purely to manage language. At Boots the Chemists he developed its first brand language and cajoled and coached the whole organisation and its agencies to adopt it.

It was this in-house experience that led Ben to co-found the network for language specialists in business, And he brought that experience into Afia, which he launched in 2004.

Ben quickly attracted a team of deeply experienced brand and culture strategists, facilitators, trainers, designers and writers (including Nic and Pete in the pic) who've worked with him to transform range of blue chip and smaller businesses.

When you hire Afia you get Ben's personal attention. To guarantee that, we only take on a small number of new clients each year. People and organisations we feel are a great fit for our approach.

We're based in the UK, but work all over the place – most recently in India and the US. Ben's recent speaking gigs include Cannes, Denver, London, Atlanta and Berlin.

If you like what you've seen here, drop Ben a line and we can explore the fit between what you need and what we offer.

"Ben worked with our entire organisation, from trustees to frontline staff, to help us with our brand and tone of voice. He totally got our personality through interviews and workshops - which he facilitated wonderfully! As well as getting the output he needed, our staff found them some of the best team-building activities ever. Thank you, Ben, for everything!"

Dr Penny Woods, CEO, British Lung Foundation