Writing one day at a time

How can you improve your writing? Practice and habit. One trick is to write something every day, even if it’s just a paragraph. Even if you look back and think it’s rubbish, just write.

Last week I ran a virtual writing workshop for Adam Harris’ young leaders group, based on my Cut the crap ebook.

Now Adam has JFDI written on his forehead. He’s the best person I know at getting things started. Not only has he recently moved his family and set up business in New Zealand. He also decided, in lock-down, to try his hand at poetry.

The first day went OK, so he decided to carry on. Many people would struggle to produce a poem a year. Adam now writes a poem a day. And he publishes them on Facebook and Linkedin for the world to see. Ballsy.

He wrote this one while in the workshop, as a way to summarise the learnings. I thought you might enjoy it:

Read it loud and read it clear
What’s the message we need to hear
What’s your intended tone of voice
How you communicate you have a choice
What do you mean by wordier words
Marketing speak moving like herds
Humanise your language to communicate
Is what you see what you get
Make an impression one to forget
Who’s our audience how do they feel
Connect with them authentically make it real
What’s the focus you want them to do
Engage with your customer spend a few
What’s the hook to reel them in
Hypnotised customers to a drop of pin
Essential information what must you give
Headline writers battle outlive
5 techniques to communicate well
Use active language we have to sell
Use YOU, ME, US and We
Everyday language for me and thee
Be specific, use example and facts
Prove your expertise what attracts
Shorten your sentences make them tight
Energy and pace show your reader the light

If you’d like to know more about the course that inspired Adam’s poem then download
Cut the crap. And if you’re interested in the same remote training for your team give me a call.